Monday, September 26, 2011


I always enjoy visiting Santiago de Compostela. The old part of town is particularly charming, with the caveat that parking is often a problem.

It is the destination of all those pilgrims, who are understandably delighted to finally arrive. There are lots of monumental structures clustered in the old area.

And there is, of course, the Cathedral. The scale, both inside and outside, is hard to convey, so I took some shots of some of the details.

While we were there someone was playing what sounded like Bach on this enormous organ. I thought that must be quite something, to have an instrument like this to play in a space designed for it. What a thrill for the organist.

In addition to the monuments, there are lots of little side streets, squares and nooks and crannies to explore as well. We found this charming tavern with a terraza placed outside to have a beer.

And we happened across the market with the excellent produce displayed.

They were closing up because it was lunch time, so we went in search of a restaurant. But it soon started to rain and get chilly, so after lunch we said goodbye to the intresting shops and intriguing side streets and headed back for La Coruña.


  1. According to one tourist book, the best time to see the cathedral is when it's raining as it is made of granite it is supposed to glisten, again, according to the book this should not be a problem as it is normally raining in Santiago, well we must have gone there a dozen or more times and not once did we see it in the rain!

  2. We really must make an effort to get over to Santiago - it looks amazing.

  3. Well, I´m sure I have seen it in the rain - because it rains ALOT - but I can´t say as I remember it glistening. It´s hard to get past the sheer size of the building, and the plaza etc.

    I always feel like there are wonderful places that we don´t happen upon and if I´d done better research, I would know about them. I hope we´ll get more familiar with it after we´re up there permanently.

  4. One place we liked to visit was Sta Eulalia near Lugo. Dating back to Roman times it is well worth a visit. Information available on Google, Sta Eulalia Lugo.