Friday, September 23, 2011


We finally paid a visit to the architectural salvage place - Antigüedades Chelo in Villarrubia de Santiago, Toledo. It´s between Madrid and Toledo, so not a huge committment in terms of time or mileage.

They have a large open area full of architectural elements: everything from balconies to broken tinajas (big clay jugs).

There are metal and stone columns, sinks and fountains, along with roof tiles and paving stones.

Under cover are the wooden beams, sold by length and dimension, as well as wooden doors and windows.

Inside, there are restored versions of various dressers, tables and assorted furniture as well as doors and windows.

V was delighted to come home with an oak wine barrel for 70€. Not the easiest thing to get from the car to the terrace, but even I have to admit that it looks fine in the corner.

We did inquire as to the pricing of some of the doors and they were way out of our budget (particularly a set of 16th century double doors at 6000€. I guess we do have good taste.) There was a set of beams, approximately 15 feet long and probably 10 inches square that they were quoting around 240€ each. Not what you´d pay someone who just wanted them out of their back garden, but probably not what a lumberyard would want for new ones either. The other problem is transportation north, truck rental, diesel, delivery, storage at the other end, etc. I really wish we could find a similar place in Galicia or Asturias. In the meantime, I´ll keep scanning Segundamano and Milanuncios with my fingers crossed.

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