Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Coruña

We´re back from our August vacation in A Coruña.

Saw the Architect, handed off the plans to a potential contractor for a proposal, got another candidate for technical project supervisor, checked in with City Hall and it looks like pending a recommendation by the city architect, and waiting for the City Council meeting for review(every 2 weeks) it will be the end of September before we have building approval.

Other than that, it was mostly eating and drinking and wandering around.

Someone tell me how to make bread with this crispy crust and big holes.

(L)A Coruña is a beautiful port city. We had an apartment above and behind the newish Casa do Home (also known as Domus), which we managed not to visit even once. We had the gamut of weather, raining when we arrived, a solid week of gorgeous warm days and cool nights, and then some sun interspersed with showers.

I managed to get sunburned the second day we were there, despite investing in a beach parasol and slathering on sunblock. AC has 2 lovely big beaches Riazor and Orzan, but V prefers the neighboring Santa Cristina as less crowded and with better access to tapas and beer.

Mostly we stay in the center of Coruña - winding streets and stone buildings with the traditional ¨galerías¨ of white glassed-in balconies.

There was an giant cruise ship docked and we saw groups of quite pink tourists scurrying around after guides carrying sticks with flags. It´s hard to convey the scale of the thing in a photo.

We did take an hour-long cruise around the bay (7€ each) which was fun. V tells me there used to be a ferry service between AC and Ferrol and the neighboring Santa Cristina that ran every hour or two, so you could run over for the day. But unforunately, that service no longer exists.

Including the 16th century fortress guarding the mouth of the bay for defense against enemies like the dread Pirate Drake (Sir Francis to English speakers).

Reports on other excursions forthcoming.


  1. It looks like a great place for a visit - add to list.... Bread with holes and crust eh? Are you willing to share your recipe?

  2. I´m asking for ideas on the bread. Mine tends to come out more evenly brick-like. Maybe it´s the lack of a wood-oven.

  3. Oops....misread your post about the bread. I got so carried away at the thought of making it. Never mind, we'll discover it one day no doubt.