Monday, August 22, 2011

Velvet, Linen and Pearls

After drooling over Belgian Pearls´ post on salvaged architectural elements in Belgium,

and The Velvet and Linen post on the Paris Flea Market,

I am once again sad that the Spanish just don´t do second-hand stuff. It´s either old, as in throw-away, or Antique-with-a-capital-A. In Madrid, there is the Rastro area downtown, traditionally visited on Sundays. But I have found a lot of what I would call old as in throw-away, priced like an Antique-with-a-capital-A.

Especially the architectural salvage - I would love to have actual old tiles or beams or windows. But there doesn´t seem to be anywhere in the north that supplies those elements. If you know of one - let me know! The businesses I´ve found are mostly in Castellon, Valencia or Murcia - way south. And I can understand the benefits of having a dry climate if you have acres of window grills and old radiators lying around. But with all the ruins dotting the landscape in northern regions, you´d think someone would have a warehouse full of interesting stuff.

But I have just found a place outside Madrid. I think a trip to have a look-see is in order!

We do have some stained glass windows we brought over from the states that we plan to use. It will be a cross-cultural house.

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