Monday, August 1, 2011

Straw bale

Madly researching building stuff and ran across this woman who gives straw bale and cob (I think) construction workshops all over Spain.

Next she´s offering a course at Tanquian Organic Farm in the Ribeira Sacra, September 4-11.

Straw bale project from

I´m still thinking about a round hobbit-y straw bale chicken coop.


  1. Straw bale building is easy and fun,on our second farm in Ireland we built a straw bale house, warm in winter, cool in summer. I think however in Spain you might have to encase the whole thing in small mesh wire before applying the lime render given the amount of mice and other small vermin that there is there.

  2. I´m wondering if there´s a way to finish closing in the barn with strawbale or cob. We need a cheap solution to making that a useful space. Especially if it´s easy and fun!!

    There are no Irish mice? V would love that.

  3. Hi Coco, not too well at the moment but will reply by email in the next day or so.

  4. There is a product from Germany, called Tenax mesh, which I used to cover the bales at my house, before rendering. I have been living here for 4 years now and no problems with mice or anything else for that matter, other than the odd bout of ants, which I believe come in from outside.
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