Wednesday, August 3, 2011

House Guest

We have an addition to the household while an SIL and BIL and niece are on vacation. Her name is ¨Calcetines¨ (Socks) and she´s supposed to be a dwarf angora - but she seems pretty good sized to me.

Rabbits are considered a good beginning livestock animal, but unfortunately neither V nor I are wild about how it tastes. Angora fiber, however, is quite another matter.

I, sadly, am not a rabbit whisperer - the little bugger has tried to bite me twice. I assume she was just hungry and crabby at the time. She seems to be settling in better now.

More on raising Angora Rabbits here and here.


  1. Aversion therapy might her the knitting needles and whisper hairless, she'll soon be eating out of your hand instead of just eating your hand. Bless her.

  2. Who knows - maybe everyone has that reaction to me but she´s just more direct than most!