Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Garden update

Growing season in full swing here. Bright, sunny weather, but still cooling off at night.

Tomatoes and nasturtiums - slow but steady. Basil seems to just sit there and the sage hasn´t done much either.

Roses were looking spectacular. But, believe it or not, we have slugs on our 5th floor terrace. Terrible attack of mildew as well. And the indefatigable aphids.

V is over the moon about the APPLES!

One more tip. For those of you who want to sprout sweet potatoes, try placing the potato in a plastic bag and leaving it behind the microwave for several weeks. Ask me how I know.

But now what do I do with it? Giant flower pot? Garbage can? Do I cut it up into separate pieces, or leave it whole?


  1. Re Sweet Potato - lucky you, they are so hard to sprout usually. Cut into smaller pieces and plant, you'll have a lovely crop in a few months time.

  2. Thanks! So if I cut it into say 4 or 5 pieces, they can go into reasonable sized pots?