Thursday, May 19, 2011


More attempts at bread.

I used this recipe. I, personally, would not call this a baguette. The crust is too soft and the texture isn´t as resiliant as what you buy as a baguette here. But on the other hand, I don´t have any kind of special stone or pan for baguettes, and I understand there are complicated applications of water required to get that crunchy crust.

It is perfectly acceptable bread. I am constitutionally unable to make bread using only white flour, so I used 1/3 a flour I got at Lidl - Sonnenblumen-kernbrot, whatever that means, with some kind of whole grain and seeds. I also used honey instead of white sugar. The dough is quite soft and sticky and the diagonal slashes allow the loaf to retain it´s shape better than a lengthwise slash - see the example on the left. I found this recipe less fiddley than others I´ve tried and easily made a double batch of 4 loaves on a Sunday morning. With the second batch I left off the egg wash, but I think I´ll go back to using it. And I´m mulling adding garlic, herbs or sun dried tomatoes or something.

V´s verdict is thumbs up!

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