Monday, April 4, 2011

Bath Bombs

I must confess I don´t take baths. I´m a shower girl. I did take baths when I was in Grad school in Austin, Texas. I shared with 4 other women in a gorgeous ´20s limestone Italianate/Spanish style villa that had been the family home of a wealthy woman in Houston, built on a hillside overlooking Lamar Avenue with not one but 2 stone ponds and a wall fountain (non-functional). On the other hand, it also had fire ants and flying cockroaches. I´m sure it was torn down for tacky condos shortly after I moved out. But it also had a clawfoot tub. A full-length tub with a rolled edge that exactly fit the back of your neck.

So anyway, this whole bath thing is a little strange for me. My dear friend W likes baths though, so she´s going to be my guinea pig. They were fiddley to make, but that´s all part of the learning curve. The blue ones are lavendar scented (but not so much now, sadly) which have demonstrated definite fizz and the orange fishies are made with coco butter and scented with sweet orange, but I haven´t actually put them in water yet to see if they effervesce.

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