Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Salt Soap

Salt soaps made in purchased molds. They were a little crumbly, but released pretty well after a session in the freezer. It is a 500 gram recipe of 75% coconut oil, 15 % Shea Butter and 10% castor oil, adding 500 grams of salt at trace. I got to use a silicon ¨madeleine¨ tea cake mold from Lidl for the first time and what a difference! They all came out easily and intact.

Now I just have to wait 6 months for them to cure to a really hard, exfoliating bar.


  1. They look fantastic, good enough to eat!

  2. I´m pretty pleased with how they turned out! The EU has come out with rules prohibiting soaps that look like foods, which is kind of a shame since there are people doing incredible work. I guess they think kids will poison themselves eating a ¨bath cupcake¨. I´m thinking shell shaped soaps might be a good seller on the Camino.

  3. Big brother has gone crazy,still the shell idea sounds great. I bought some Organic eggs yesterday and the packet stated 'food alergy warning', 'Contains Eggs', well who would have guessed that!
    Having a great time in Ireland and have found our dream home.

  4. Hi Coco.
    Once again, many thanks for the bar of salt soap you sent us at La Pasera, we eventually decided to use it and it was fantastic. What I loved about it was the lack of artificial additives, its good larder and the fact that it did not go soft when wet. I would love to have a go at making it myself and was wondering if you could tell me the method for this particular soap and the name of the ingredients in Spanish.

  5. Of course he means Lather not larder....