Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy Fat Tuesday

It´s Carnaval time again (Entroidos in Galicia). Now since I am old and crabby, we don´t celebrate on school nights, but I´m hoping when we´re living there we can make more of an effort.

Carnaval is celebrated all over Galicia, but there are a few places with especially significant traditions.

In Laza the “piliqueiros” or “cigarróns” in Verin pictured above, put on their ruffliest pantaloons, strap on their cowbell bustles and run around hitting people with flails. No I´m not kidding.

In Laza, Orense they pelt each other with wet muddy rags, or sacks of flour,or red ants in the main plaza.

In Salcedo, Lugo the Oso or ¨Bear¨ and his helpers hand out a little light public humiliation in the form of mud/ash smeared on the face of gathered citizens.

Pancakes are eaten - in this case crepe-like ¨filloas¨

But for shear over-the-top ridiculous spectacle I think you have to give it to Tenerife in the Canary Islands. Carmen Miranda and her fruity hat has nothing on these gals.

Oh, and coincidence?

I think not.


  1. Looks like fun! We were at Carneval parades on Tuesday and the big night around here is Saturday! One question - why do you wait 6 months for your salt bars to cure? They look GORGEOUS by the way, the photos are STUNNING. You must have a great camera. I only wait 4 weeks for my salt bars to cure... xo Jen

  2. Advice from the Fresholi clan - they say they improve the longer you wait.

    Not sure I can. And the camera gives me fits - it´s just a little point and shoot.