Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Watched the first episode of ¨Pillars of the Earth¨ last night. Just what I love about fall - miniseries trashilicious fun. I´ve had a crush on Ian McShane since forever.

I wonder if Rufus Sewell feels like he´s looking into a window on the future.

Ian McShane 1978


  1. Wow! Look at that!

    I'm up to episode 6, at this point. It's really, really good. Unfortunately, I saw the Russell Crowe/Cate Blanchett Robin Hood on the plane on my last cross-country flight so now I'm getting the plot points conflated.

    Also re: Pillars of the Earth. Eddie Redmayne! He was fantastic on B'way last season in 'Red' Deserved every ounce of that Tony award.

  2. I saw the second episode last night. They certainly move quickly, the cathedral looks half done already.

    I should probably have posted a pic of what Ian looks like now - Yikes. No aging painting in an attic for him.