Monday, September 13, 2010

A Madrid Visit

My dear friend J came to visit, bringing the delightful B along with him. He was making a swing through Switzerland, Turkey and then Madrid before heading back to Chicago.

It´s great to have people visit, because it makes you appreciate the cool stuff that attracted you in the first place. You get to do all the ¨tourist¨ places and things, and see them again through your guests eyes.

El Angel Caido - Retiro

Estanque - Retiro

In Madrid, we walked the center (Plaza Mayor, Sol, Madrid de los Austrias) they visited El Retiro and the Prado and the Thyssien-Bornemisza and on Saturday V and I took them to Toledo, an easy day-trip, and then we had a long evening´s chat at El Pardo.


In short, walks were walked, pictures were taken, gifts were purchased and drinks were drunk (including a magarita with a maraschino cherry and the salt in the bottom of the glass).

The marvelous thing about J is that he is all about what´s possible. J is a ¨more is more¨ person, enthusiastic, adventurous, creative and open. His motto could be ¨Why the hell not?¨ He always fans the dying embers of ambition and creativity in me, for which I´m grateful. More on that in a later post.

In other news - progress made on negotiations. Fingers still crossed.

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