Thursday, August 9, 2018

What a week

The weather finally broke, taking us from 90 degrees to 70.  Breo is most pleased.

The power went out, and when it came on again for some reason the circuit controlling the ceiling lights kept tripping. First, we checked all the light bulbs in the house, but that made no difference, so we called the electrician, who came (!) and located a split cable.  He thinks it got hit by a nail when they were installing the flooring.  Just a coincidence?  All now working again and for only 50€.

We´ve discovered mice, once again, in the kitchen.  Traps now laid and cabinets cleaned.

I met with two lovely women who run a local florist shop.  They were very nice and informative, but I went home with all the flowers as they were considered too short and too open to be useful.  Still, I dread this whole face-to-face thing so much that I´m chuffed I´ve started the process.  Must prick out the biennials today before the rain starts.

Breo had a kerfuffle with his cousin the Jack Russell from Madrid, so the sister´s visit had to be reorganized. Now battening down the hatches for the annual 2 week stay of the In-laws. See you in September!


  1. Well done for taking the first step forward in running your flower business. I really do hope that it goes well for you. We are at a stop for the moment with our veg business because my husband is working full time at the moment to earn enough money to invest in the equipment we need to go forward with the project. It gives me encouragement to know that you are taking that step forward.

    It must have taken a lot of courage to walk into that shop with your flowers. I remember doing the same, but with hand sewn garments. Although the garments were bought, I did not repeat the experience because I was too nervous to do so, but I did go on to work the local markets with my stock. When the time comes for us to sell our produce we shall hopefully sell from home, but might have to start off at the market first.
    Good luck. Hope you have a good August.

  2. Thanks Vera! It was really hard. Now, I have to go further afield to Coruña or Santiago. Based on what I learned the other day, I´m afraid competing with the wholesalers supplying florists isn´t going to be viable. But that just means I have to find other markets, or dry the flowers or something. And I won´t know until I ask some more, sigh.

    Hope your August is lovely, too!

  3. Hi, Coco!

    Power outages - caused by the power company - are so frequent here that you wouldn't believe it. And we live in a rather "exclusive" county. I am so glad that you found your problem; that is indeed a good price!

    I'll bet the Jack Russell started the fight. I had a Jack Russell mix once and he would try to fight any dog, of any size, that he met. But he loved people.

    You are so very brave to have ventured out as a saleswoman for your business. Your flowers are so gorgeous!

    Oh my goodness - two weeks of in-laws. I will be thinking of you.


  4. Hi Pam,

    Yep, the JR wasn´t having any of it. To be fair, he hates the car and it was at the end of a 6 hour drive. We should have handled it differently.

    I definitely don´t have that ¨sales¨ talent, being more than a little misanthropic. Add to that being self conscious with the language, unfamiliar with the industry, and well... But it has to be done.

    The inlaws are very nice people, but elderly and with various health issues and 60 odd years of squabbling to keep up with. But it gives V´s brothers and sisters in Madrid 2 weeks to go on vacation worry free.

    Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  5. Hi Coco,

    Glad to read that the weather has cooled in your part of the world. The news down here was that Spain and Greece recently hit record high temperatures. Far out! It is 2'C outside right now. Brrr!

    The photos look beautiful. Best of luck with Breo and his Jack Russell encounter and I hope that Breo remembered to look after his knees.

    I thought that the flowers looked great.


  6. Thanks Chris!

    2 degrees is chilly!

    Breo behaved beautifully, even tried to make friends after the incident, but there was nothing for it.

    Spring is just around the corner for you. Enjoy it!

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