Saturday, April 21, 2018

Catching up

A potpourri of recent activities.  The rhubarb continues to bloom.  This is for all of you who prefer your rhubarb in nice red stalks, just so you know what a blooming plant looks like.

Also, they came and finished the installation of the stove hood.  There was a lot of grinding and a strong smell of ozone in the kitchen when they finished, but it does the job.   I might not have used white silicone caulk, but it´s done.  Now I really want a steel plate to cover the hole in the wall where the stovepipe goes to the chimney.

And since there was a sudden break in the weather, and we´re now getting 24C/80F and sunshine, the mud has turned to cement.  The pasture grass came back while the rain was falling, so I´ve gotten some black plastic and weed fabric spread to try some occultation weed control until I can get to making the remaining many, many raised beds.

In the meantime, I got a start on planting the roses that were languishing in their pots.  Th fence posts are in, but I haven´t found a local source for plastic rolled fencing to keep Breo out of the garden and provide a little wind break.

Speaking of Breo, it is such a joy to see him galloping around like his old self.  We´re still pondering finding him a little sister to play with, since he thinks I go outside just to throw him the ball all morning.

And lastly, as I was giving him some well-deserved tummy scratches, he swiped me with a paw and managed to scratch my eye.  I guess my reflexes aren´t what they used to be.  So I´ve spent the last few days recovering in piratical fashion with eye patches, and applications of antibiotic ointments and eye drops.  The good news is I got a tetanus booster in the process so I can fling manure and compost around with even more abandon.


  1. Hi Coco,

    I'm torn because Breo is such a sight to see romping through the field - but then scratching your eye is not good. Incidentally, I'm glad you are taking the scratch seriously as dog bites carry all sorts of infectious bacteria and your eye was at risk. I've known people who have had to deal with septicaemia from dog bites and/or scratches.

    The rhubarb looks exactly like the rhubarb here when in flower. I hope you are observing bees on the flowers, as they love them - and you may get little self seeded rhubarbs as that plant will produce hundreds of seeds - it isn't a weedy plant though and the volunteers will be well adapted to your conditions.

    I reckon the flue looks great. Stainless steel is an awesome material.

    Glad to read that the rain has taken a break.


  2. Hi Chris,

    We are enjoying this hot streak, but it starts raining again next week. Wettest spring ever.

    Breo mills his paws around if he thinks you´re slowing down with the scratches, so I should have known better. Doc said the eye was fine yesterday. I did wait a day or two to go in, hoping it would take care of itself, many of my complaints do, but not this.

    The bees seem to go to the flowering nettles first, and I´m glad to say there seem to be quite a few bumblers around.

    I´m afraid the lemon/lime trees are dead, but we´re leaving them be for a while to be sure. The almond made it, though!


  3. No flowers on our rhubarb yet this year, but then I haven't actually had a look to see if there might be!
    Wet here too, although we have had a few days of sunshine to dry things up, which happens so fast here. One moment the soil in the veg plot is a mud patch and the next it is too hard to work on. I am also thinking that raised beds are the way to go. We have experimented with a few and they are hardly any work at all.
    Hope you find Breo a pal soon, then you can get on with things. I had a springer spaniel once who was of the same playful nature as Breo. Lovely dog and a great friend but he was tiring to have around as well. Hope the eye heals soon.

  4. Thanks Vera,

    Eye is now fine, and I´m keeping well away from milling paws. The new patch has some places where it´s still pretty fluffy, and some areas that went directly from worked to cement after a month of rain. So far I have 4 rows for planting, between bought potato and onion starts and some direct seeding. I hope once the beds are made, it´ll be just renewing compost etc., seasonally. Good exercise in the meantime.