Friday, May 5, 2017

May showers, May flowers

Finally had a few showers, mostly during the night.  There was a downpour with some hail earlier this week, which didn´t help people with grape vines who suffered a frost a week ago, but didn´t do any damage here.

Seeds still germinating.  The squashes have been potted up, waiting for new beds which will require a trip to the horsey place for manure.

Got the tomato panels up and some RAF and some Santiago black tomato starts planted.

Gave up on the parsnips and turned the bed that will be peppers.  Ate the garlic scapes in a scramble and a stir fry.  Now, enjoying fresh salads, too.

Calima bush beans transplanted.

And FINALLY the potatoes showed. Whew!

Iris are still going.

Don Juan looks spectacular.  Unsurprisingly, I´m a little in love with him.

V couldn´t wait and planted some annuals in the beds around the old oven.

An unknown rose, fighting with the old grapes for a space.  Unfortunately, no scent.

The unknown pink rose that climbs the crabapple.  She smells really good.

Breo enjoying a sunny break.  Judging from the dirt on his nose, he´s been in the veggie plot again.  Must arrange more secure fencing.


  1. Hi, Coco!

    What perfect tomato panels. We have an old horno, too, except that yours is probably really, really old and ours we built some years ago and, alas, never used. It is now crumbling away in the garden, like some ancient monument. You have wonderful roses. Ours are just beginning to bloom, but the potatoes are feral (at least above ground . . .).

    Breo looks tip top. No surgery yet?


  2. We've not had rain for five weeks now and we sure need it, so many gorse fires and forest fires as well. Our parsnips are doing well but not a sign of the carrots or leeks so we will have to re-sow.

  3. Hi Coco,

    It is a pleasure to see Breo hard at leisure enjoying the warm sunshine and recovering from his hard work digging in the vegie garden. :-)!

    The flowers are looking beautiful and the rose is a stunner.

    Our seedlings were very late too last spring. Is this sort of weather normal for your spring?


  4. Hi Pam,

    Breo´s surgery is next week. In the meantime he´s hobbling around, getting into mischief. He dug up some rotten shrimp I dug into the pepper bed and keeps circling the tomatoes.

    Hi Anne,

    Very scant rain this spring. Dire drought warnings, resevoirs low, fires in April, all grim. They´re predicting some rain for the next week or so, so we´ll see if that helps.

    Hi Chris,

    Spring not normal at all. Historically, Galicia was misty and drizzley all year round. The last few decades, less drizzle and more occasional thunderstorms and generally wet winters. And of the last 5 years, 3 have been very dry. One year, not a drop between May and September.

    From what I read, no progress from the cotyledon stage is due to lack of light. Well, they´ve been inside at night and outside with 8 hours a day in full sun at 20C/80F degrees, so if that´s not enough light, there´s not much more I can do. This happened last year too, but about a month later. I´ll keep moving them in and out for the next few weeks to see if they catch up. Oh, and I did my traditional dump the seed tray on the ground yesterday - the melons and cucumbers took a dive.

    D Juan is really gorgeous and smells wonderful and this is only his second summer. I may have to plant more.

  5. Coco:

    Oh, Breo! Not rotten shrimp!

    Bad luck about the melons and cucumbers. We had to rush a huge number of pepper and tomato seedlings that had been hardening off outside (way down at the bottom of the hill, of course) back into the house as a cold night had been predicted. It did get down to 40F (4.4C) and will do so again tonight. The ones already planted out look perfectly happy, though.


  6. Our seedlings were very late too last spring. Is this sort of weather normal for your spring?