Saturday, March 4, 2017

In like a Lion

It´s been one rainy day after another.  Yesterday, hail.  Predictions are for better weather starting next week, so fingers crossed.

We got the old pear and apple trees that have been struggling along pruned, taking out a lot of dead wood.  I hope they make it.  We need to kill the ivy on the pear this year.

In the meantime, I planted 2 sour cherries I got from a big box store.  The rose forum calls these ¨body bags¨ for the simple reason that in order to fit in the packaging, they cut all the roots off the plant.  And that turned out to be exactly the case, so we´ll see.  Also planted the blueberries in the veg patch, underplanting with strawberries so I can net the whole thing.  Still have 2 hazels and 2 almond trees to plant.

I got started on moving some existing roses away from the wall, as the neighbor has mentioned he wants to work on it this year.  Can´t really do much more until it dries out a little.  And yes, I ordered more bare root roses.  It´s a sickness.

Hoping that by St. Patrick´s day, I´ll be able to plant potatos and onions. Unfortunately, the leaves don´t seem to be breaking down in the potato bed.  Hoping that won´t affect the potatoes.  Need to sow the parsnips, carrots and peas, too.

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