Friday, November 13, 2015

La Lagoa de Sobrado

We went looking for an equestrian center rumored to have manure for sale, but took a wrong turn and ended up someplace else.

That someplace else is the Lagoa de Sobrado, close to the Monastery of Sobrado dos Monxes.  And for good reason, it was constructed by the Cistercian monks around 1500!  They used it for irrigation, powering water mills, and stocked it with trout for the monk´s table.

It was ceded to the Galician Society of Natural History in 1992 and is an important spot for flora and fauna, especially water birds.

There´s a little turn off area with a hut, a picnic table and a small dock of somewhat doubtful structural integrity and a path we didn´t have time to explore.

The Monastery itself is an imposing structure with an incredible façade.  We were there for a local festival once, but the deep fried trout didn´t look particularly appetizing and it was so packed with locals there was no place to sit.  Also, I should warn visitors that the visiting hours for the monastery were idiosyncratic and limited and we didn´t get the best impression of the cleanliness of the facilities or the welcome of the monk-in-charge on the day.  But, they raise Spanish mastiffs, so they can´t be all bad.

More on the Monastery here.
Video in gallego of the mastiffs on Galician TV here.  (Mastiffs 6:51, puppies 14:19)


  1. The equestrian centre is on the same road as the Lagoa just quite a few km further up towards Friol on the right (after the Melide turning, at Marco das Pias). I really like the look of the Mastiffs, I have a Mastiff cross Spaniel (we think).

  2. We realized we turned the wrong way when we got back. Just didn´t have time that day to pass by. We´re going up this again this week. Do you know them?

    I would love a mastiff, those faces, but V wants a GSD. Maybe a cross.

  3. No I don't know them but I pass by on my way to Melide market most Sundays. I like the working Pastors that the locals have, but the pedigree ones always seem to have hip dysplasia and I wouldn't consider them, too much inbreeding for stupid traits. I hope to get a Mastiff next time but my dogs are young so not for a few years yet.

  4. I agree about pedigreed dogs. We´re planning to adopt from a shelter. The number of abandoned animals in Galicia is shocking and sad. I´m a little concerned that mastiffs are so short-lived, but you have to appreciate them while they´re with you, I suppose.

    Do you have a veterinarian you´d recommend? Our neighbor takes his water spaniel to Sarria.

  5. Hi Coco,

    Thanks for sharing your excellent find. I'll bet those monks ate well!

    Cheers. Chris

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