Sunday, September 20, 2015

Vendimia 2015

The vendimia is the grape harvest, currently going on all over Galicia.  Much to my surprise, the grape vines we tossed over a crumbling wall, did indeed produce grapes.  Some are still a little sour, but with the recent rain, the skins were splitting.  Probably going to make jam.  Maybe chutney, though we don´t eat chutney.
 Any other thoughts?

And the hugel is finished.  I fear I have created the world´s greatest critter condominim.  Needs some more dirt/compost on the top.


  1. Yes vendimia is in full here in Ribeira Sacra of Galicia too. Last year I used my grapes for green tomato chutney. I de-seeded the grapes though, time consuming but worth it. Add some chilli flakes, vinegar, sugar, salt, onions and it makes splendid chutney to go with cheese, ham etc. I had great feedback on this recipe. Try it!

  2. Maybe you could bottle (can) them in a heavy syrup this would sweeten them up, You could then use them the same way as any tine fruit.

  3. Tried grape jam. Separate the pulp from the skins and simmer both separately. Strain the pulp to remove the seeds and add the skins back. Add sugar, boil to setting point and ladle into the jars, etc. I overcooked the first batch so I may use it in a chutney or blend later on.

  4. Hi Coco,

    The grapes look awesome and anyway, the more critters that get into that hugel the quicker that all that wood will turn into great soil. Manures make the world - and the farm - go round!

    Cheers. Chris