Saturday, July 25, 2015

An Afternoon at the Feira de las Maravillas

A Coruña has an annual medieval market called the Feira de las Maravillas and since I had to pick V up at the airport, I stopped by.

There were a lot of people, including everyone who decided to walk their dogs or get out the baby strollers at 7 on a Friday evening and mingle.

 Yes, they chose to put the garbage cans here.

When you have an old part of town like Coruña, basically all you have to do is string up the banners and put up the kiosks.  There was a lot of jewelry, soaps and decorative items of questionable ¨artisanal¨ quality.  But also some craft displays, wandering gaiteros, and lots and lots of yummy food and drink, as you would expect from Gallegos.

 And to finish it off, V´s plane was delayed so I got to see the ¨Jousting¨ show set up in a temporary arena in front of the City Hall in the Plaza Mara Pita.  Destriers there were not, but the 6 year olds in the target audience were thrilled.  There was an evil villain to boo, heroes to cheer, and ¨tragic¨ consequences of the ¨combat.¨   There was also an intrusive sound system, but that´s quibbling.  I had a great time.


  1. That looks like a great event to visit.

  2. It was fun. I could have wished for a little more historical or cultural content and not quite so much stuff to buy, but that´s me.

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