Thursday, April 16, 2015

Odds and Ends

More random found stuff.  Lots more single shoes, but the first actual pair.  The large, white fleshed roots are some kind of turnip, maybe?  They were under the rubble of a tile roof for years.  I´m particularly fond of the axe-head.

And, for a second, at first, I thought this was rhubarb.  But that would be silly since probably no one around here knows what rhubarb is. I think it´s Rheum palmatum instead.  Stems are fleshy and solid.  Thoughts?


  1. Perhaps some of the architectural and iron work salvage could be used in a garden sculpture?

  2. It looks as though it might be giant hogweed, if so be very careful with it as it can cause bad skin blisters. Google it and see if you agree.

  3. There are some metal frames for who knows what, too - I forgot to take pics. I have hopes of reusing some of the bits for gate closures. That hook thing might do for the clothesline.

    Hogweed looks awful! But the 2005 map doesn´t show a presence in Spain. It´ll probably get taken out as the garden progresses anyway, but I´ll be careful of touching it.