Sunday, November 23, 2014

Talabarte Trio

Part 2 here.

Yippee - I finally found a band to look for!  I always wondered why live music wasn´t more available in Galician bars like in Scotland or Ireland or Chicago, for that matter, but I think these guys out of Santiago may be ones to look for.

Talabarte is a trio formed by Pedro Pascual, Quim Farinha, and Kin García.  They play a delightful acoustic mixture of Galician traditional, celtic, gypsy, folk and jazz.

From a review of their eponymous CD on Rootsworld:

The thing that struck me first about this trio from Galicia in northwest Spain is how big they sound. The CD cover shows three musicians, and I kept looking in the credits to see who else joined them. But there is no one else. Accordion, fiddle, and double bass are all they need to put forth a full sound.

Most of these songs are traditional, but there are a handful of originals in the mix as well. Maybe someone steeped in Galician traditional music could tell these apart, but to my ears the styles of the traditional and original tunes match perfectly. And I definitely sense a Talabartan quality in the way the trio arranges melodies, counter-melodies, harmony lines, and accompaniment, splitting these over the three instrumental voices, making the variations interesting in song after song.

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