Monday, October 20, 2014

Apple Cider

I was pleased to try this organic cider when we were at the house.  In the past, most of the cider apple harvest in Galicia went straight to sidrerías in Asturias or Pais Vasco, but recently, the prices weren´t enough to cover the transportation costs.  So someone had the bright idea of reviving the cider industry in Galicia. We tried the organic, sweet ¨Natural¨, and thought it was delicious.  Light, refreshing, slightly sweet and notably apple-y.  Just the thing for a warm summer evening.

Enter Maeloc.  A subsidiery of the folks that bring us Estrella Galicia beer (Hijos de Rivera), they make both sweet and dry apple ciders, along with perry (!) blackberry and strawberry.  Maeloc is one of the businesses featured in the initiative Mercado de la Cosecha, sponsored by Hijos de Rivera, R and Gadis, dedicated to fostering sustainable rural development projects in Galicia.

ETA - I just found a blog dedicated to Galician cider (in gallego)  Sidra Gallega

Can´t wait to try making some on my own.  We´ll need to try to revive the old, very tired and neglected apples on the property and plant some more.  The neighbors also had apples that had seen better days.

I´m intrigued by the whizbang design for a press. No sense not using a garbage disposal and a hydraulic automotive jack when they´re so widely available.


  1. Dear Coco,
    Galician cider has always been a tradition all over the country, however, the Galician government fostered wines rather than cider as they thought it was more profitable. In Asturias they did just the contrary.
    I prefer Lagar de Ribela cider. It is made according to trational methods and only using Galician varieties cultivated organically....

  2. There is also a nice guy (Ramiro) in A Capela who owns a wonderful nursery. His passion is collecting all ancient varieties of Galician fruit trees. There, you will find what to grow among hundreds of apple trees, cherry trees, plums, peaches, pears and even some oranges… (Viveiros O Pomariño, Outeiro, A Capela)
    In San Sadurniño, the Council has created a didactic orchard with the main varieties in the Comarca (Shire), all with the help of
    Hope this will help you!!

  3. Hi Guilhelme! Well Galician wine certainly seems to be enjoying success. Let´s hope cider isn´t far behind. I was a little disappointed when they told me we were in an area better for fruit than grapes. I assume it´s the soil, not the climate. But I´m going to try them anyway.

    The nursery in A Capela is definitely on my list of places to go. Thanks for your suggestions!

  4. I am considering planting Galician variety cider apples on some land I inherited in Galicia. Could anyone send me a list of some of the varieties and where I could buy them?

  5. As Gilherme suggested, contact with Viveiros O Pomariño in Outeiro - A Capela. Ramiro can advise you about the best fruits trees for your land.

    I going to plant the following cider apple varities:
    Rabiosa Callobre
    Ollo Mouro
    Ollo Landoi
    Peros do can
    Reineta Pais