Tuesday, June 17, 2014

House update

Back from a week camping  up at the house.  We loaded up the car with camping equipment and assorted supplies to paint the kitchen and baths.

We weren´t sure exactly what we´d find, but it turned out there was not only indoor plumbing, but electricity too.  It was 40 degrees and raining when we got there, and 90 degrees and full sun when we left.  The little woodstove was put to good use early in the week, whittling down the pile of oak flooring scraps, and the house was wonderfully cool when the sun was beating down.  Other than the cold showers, we were pretty comfortable.

By the end of the week, V had outdone himself and painted everything except 2 walls of the second bedroom where paint was running low, and one wall of the laundry/pantry because the radiators were stacked in the way.  Go us!  I washed floors and windows, gave the old wood beams a coat of linseed oil and killed many, many spiders.  Normally, I wouldn´t be quite so anti-insect, but it was that or imagine them crawling over us at night, and some were approaching the size of housecats.  I´ll say no more.

We met a new neighbor who very kindly weed-whacked both our side and the other side of the creek and filled us in on some of the history of the house.  And the next door neighbor´s veggie garden was the talk of the town - they have an astonishing crop of potatoes coming up, doubly impressive considering they added no fertilizer other than old straw.  My hopes for a potager are back.

The Hergom wood burning cooker has been delivered. We have an estimate for the installation of the radiators and a hot water thermal store and are still waiting for the electrician to finish the paperwork so we can apply to Fenosa for electric mains hookup.

More details to come.

I am utterly in love with our house.

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