Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Crazy idea #31

An Etsy empire.

 love this soft 100% cotton fabric

The little girl´s dress was such a huge hit with the family, I´ve decided to make a few more and try my hand at a Etsy store. I figure if they don´t sell, then the niece´s wardrobe is set for the next 2 years.

Still in the R&D phase - trying to remember to do A before B before C during construction as well as learning the Spanish vocabulary for bias tape and interfacing, etc. (Fabric shopping in Spain is a subject for another post.) The handmade trend really seems to be catching on, even here, where handmade is traditionally thought of as a sign of poverty. Go hipsters!! I´m all for spending one´s limited resources on local, quality craftsmanship that lasts.

something more urban

There are complaints among sellers that Etsy is succumbing to the wave of mass produced stuff being sold as ¨handcrafted¨, which seems both unfair and not very smart on Etsy´s part.  There are several other platforms for internet craft sales as well. Dawanda, a German platform, is popular. There´s also Artesanum, if you´re looking for Spanish/Latin American crafts. Those in the UK can browse Folksy.

 next . . .

Happy Shopping!


  1. What a super idea, perhaps you can email me with some prices as I have a friends little girl to shop for at Christmas and mum always asks for a dress for her. She will be three next Easter, so some prices would be good.

  2. Will do. Never made anything for a person that small before. :)