Sunday, March 30, 2014

Strawberry season

Hello Spring!  Strawberries are in the shops again.

Despite the recommended plunge in water with vinegar, they always seem to deteriorate too soon, so  I stewed them up with a sprinkle of sugar, some lemon peel and a dash of vanilla.

I also did a batch of the very first rhubarb I´ve ever laid eyes on in Spain.  They were in the window of a frutería downtown and I decided I had to have some on the spot.  Turned out they were imported from Holland and priced at 9€ a kilo!

Note to self - immediately plant rhubarb.


  1. Have you ever seen Rhubarb crowns for sale Coco? We had to bring ours over from the UK. They don't grow true from seed. It's a bit late to try to get crowns now unless your local Lidl have any, ours have them in pots at the moment. There are several people growing it in Galicia I can give you the contact of friends in Monforte de Lemos if you draw a blank , also I think Ian and Luis ( Tales from Toriello) grow it maybe they would help you out come the autumn, Possible also garden centres around Pontervedra might have it as there are so many Brits there. Certainly none of our Spanish neighbours knew what it was. What is life without the first picking of Rhubarb? We have been picking for a month now about the same time as when we were in Galicia.

  2. Never seen rhubarb in any form here before. Will keep my eyes open at Lidl, but there´s so much work to be done in the garden that likely not much in the way of perennials will get planted until fall anyway. Will be in touch if I strike out, thank you.

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