Wednesday, February 12, 2014

House Update

We were concerned about the severe weather in Galicia and whether or not trees were falling, rivers rising, roof tiles flyng etc., so we went up for a lightening visit, if you´ll pardon the pun.

Fortunately, all is well.  There is a little driving rain entering through the doors and windows on the southern exposure, but that´s to be expected with no weatherproofing.  The creek was high, but draining downhill and away from the house, like last year´s rainy season.

The floors have had insulating foam and a finish of cement to cover the water and electrical lines.  A dehumidifier is going 24-7, but the daily rain isn´t helping.  They can´t really progress to the wood floors until the humidity falls. Slate has been laid in the bathrooms, the utility room, the laundry and where the woodstove and bilbaina/range/cooker will go, as well as ¨landing pads¨ at the entries.

Shower bases have been installed in both baths.  After much discussion and calculating of millimeters, we´ve decided to go ahead with a 160 cm tub in the main bath.  It will require some creativity on the part of the builder, but he assured us it will fit.

The wires, boxes, switches and plugs have been installed, so it´s now time to approach the electric company to get the service turned on.  Keep your fingers crossed, they seem dedicated to gauging customers whenever they can these days.

Luck was on our side as we dodged not one but two different ¨explosive cyclones¨ as they´re calling them.  The river looked very high in Lugo and there was a little snow in Pedrafita on the way back.  This winter has really been challenging with people being swept away by the sea, rivers spilling their banks, trees down, boats tossed around and fields flooded.

But the sheep were out on the new grass (in February!) and, especially when the sun came out, I really just want to be in my green corner of Galicia.


  1. Wow, it's looking like a little piece of heaven already, you've done a great job which is never easy from a distance. Not long to wait now.

  2. It's looking wonderful, you must be so pleased.

  3. Thanks! I think it will be handsome when its done. The garden is a disaster, of course. But, we came home more encouraged than usual.