Thursday, November 14, 2013

El Museo da Terra de Melide

The Ethnological Museum, installed in the former Sancti Spiritus Pilgrim Hospital, features both temporary exhibitions and has an interesting selection  of artifacts, some dating from the neolithic, including a spectacular blacksmith/cobbler/carpintry/homecraft display upstairs.

But from January to Semana Santa of 2014, the museum will close for lack of funds to pay the 2 staff members.  After the provincial government cut their 2013 grant from 30 to 20,000€, associate dues and the government subsidy aren´t enough to keep the museum staffed and maintained.

In addition to the collection of area artifacts, the museum houses the Centro de Estudios Melidenses, whose members have been working for the protection and study of the area´s artistic and historic patrimony since the 1970s.  After opening in the newly renovated space on the central plaza in 2001, by 2008 the museum received 12,000 visits, growing to 22,000 in 2010.

V and I both enjoyed our visit, and recommend it to friends and family who are in the area.  You can have a virtual look-see here.

I am a huge fan of museums housing real stuff that reflect the lives of real people.  The National Decorative Arts Museum in Madrid is one of my favorites (a somewhat dizzying panoramic of the tiled kitchen here).  The Museo do Pobo Gallego in Santago de Compostela is on my list of places to go (they have boats!).

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  1. Interesting places, so thought provoking. Thanks for the links; that kitchen takes some beating.