Monday, October 14, 2013

Crazy Idea #27

Medieval Cookies

I saw these on Pinterest and thought they were gorgeous!  Springerle molded cookies have versions from Germany, Belgium, and Switzerland, for a start. A recipe here.  The best part is they´re supposed to be better after a week or so. Molds are available both flat and in rolling pin form.

Unfortunately, the molds are quite expensive - but, once purchased, they´d last a lifetime or more.  There are some newer products, but the carving is so abbreviated as to be crude or illegible.  The quality of the resin reproductions looks better than wood.  Now keeping an eye out on Ebay.


There are some lovely molds for traditional shortbread as well.  I´ve never made shortbread, but I have the impression that it´s a tricky business .

And then, following the cookie links, I happened across these, which are even more fabulous!

They´re done with edible ink printed onto sugar or potato based paper and then glazed onto the cookie. Steps at her blog post.  Unfortunately, wafer papers are very expensive as well.

Fancy-schmancy cakes and cookies are all the rage now.  I wonder if there are enough history buffs with a sweet tooth to make a go of selling gift boxes of cookies.

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