Monday, September 30, 2013


Some things I have always loved about fall.

Pendleton shirts via 

Octoberfest brats via  

The smell of woodsmoke via 

Halloween via  

flannel sheets via  

Fall color via 

Apple Cider via

More fall color via  

Pumpkin pie via 

Anyone else have fall favorites? 


  1. Things we miss....good post Coco, you have now got me feeling pensive about Autumn in the UK

  2. Yes... things we miss when we are away from our home country... how about, crispy mornings, apple pie and thanksgiving?? xoxo Jen

  3. That´s right Jen, you Canucks have Thanksgiving right around the corner! Mmmmm apple pie. Glad the soap biz is going so well.

    Ian, I can´t really offer anything on a UK fall - Guy Fawkes? I always have an irresistible urge to buy art supplies at this time of year from all those years of back-to-school shopping.