Friday, August 30, 2013

Porches and Overhangs

Arts and Crafts timber

For a climate with the amount of precipitation that Galicia receives, at least up until now, the architectural sheltering structures are few and far between.  Eaves and door overhangs/canopies tend to be minimal or non-existant.

The south side of the house will eventually have to have some sort of porch or patio for summer shade.  That leaves the west door, complicated by the fact that the entry drive is already narrow with the creek along one side.  But it wold be nice to have a shelter while hunting for your keys in a downpour.

Not very waterproof

Simple shed roof

More substantial, but narrow projection

Even narrower, beautiful carved stone and corbels

Tiled simple shed

Interesting trusses, more at the link

Perhaps too storybook - but ¨happily ever after¨ doesn´t sound too bad.

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