Thursday, August 1, 2013


HRH Bico II, who is gracing us with his presence whilst V´s mother is on a tour of the northern provinces.

As is his custom, Bico rises early and addresses the neighborhood with an impromptu musical offering.  Then it´s insde for a quick housekeeping regime and a refreshing shower.  He maintains his excellent health following a strict exercise program of 30,000 perch revolutions daily, during his stay out on the terrace and more music - lots more.  What a repertoire.

He´ll have to wait until his return to his customary residence for a pedicure.

After enjoying a selection of nuts and fresh salad, should it prove inhospitably hot, he retires indoors for a light siesta, returning to his public duties in the evening for a final concert before withdrawing to his draped private chambers.

We are honored by his presence.


  1. Bico brings back memories of my little canary - I gave him away eventually as he used to pass out when loud music was played - I was much younger at the time and play music a little less loud these days.

  2. I am astonished that so much sound comes out of such a tiny body.