Monday, July 8, 2013

Pazo Eidián

A heatwave is affecting Galicia this week, just like the rest of Spain, but I still think longingly of those thick stone walls while we swelter in our piso.

On one of our jaunts around the Melide area we headed south toward Agolada and saw a sign ¨Pazo¨.  Well, why not.  So we drove around some back roads, got lost, turned around and, after asking a friendly farmer, found the unmarked turn-off we´d missed.

The Pazo Eidián has been turned into a lovely hotel.  They did a beautiful job, we were shown around by the caretaker who was nice enough to interrupt his aperitivo and show us the grounds and interior.  He said despite the crisis their events business was doing well, weddings and communions, etc.  I wonder how long it takes grapevines to cover a patio. . .

We were especially taken with the lareira and the old beams they´d kept in place.

They have a pool and tennis courts, in short all the amenities people look for, in a very pretty setting.  Not least when it´s 90 degrees. 

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