Monday, June 3, 2013

Tweed Ride Madrid 2013 - June 9

The Tweed Run was invented in the 90´s and enthusiastically adopted by urban hipsters everywhere in the last few years.  The objective is a leisurely cycle outing whilst dressed in period appropriate clothing - namely plus fours.  Any pastime that eschews lycra is OK in my book.

This event combines all things awesome - vintage clothing, retro bikes, and conviviality so it´s easy to see why they´re popular.  In London entries are limited to 500 and they hold an auction.

And I finally found out about something in advance.  That never happens.

So FYI - The third annual Tweed Ride Madrid is scheduled for June 9. There´s a ride, picnic, photo op, swing dance demo and mustache contest planned.

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