Monday, May 6, 2013


Some questions for all who have renovated stone structures.

What did you use for mortar? Why did you choose it?

How was it applied? How long did it take?

What pigment was used? How do you like the results?


  1. I'm assuming you are referring to pointing between the stones? All good subministros should have bags of ready mixed sand and cement of different colours,it comes in a large number of colours I think they might have been 20kg bags. We chose a slightly lighter colour than the stone work. You mix it with water, you can buy pointing trowels, but I preferred to use a butter knife. To start with you will be slow, but you gain speed. I don't know if you remember our sitting room but that took me 3 months doing a couple of hours a day. I enjoyed doing it.

  2. Thanks Anne! Good to have confirmation that its a DIY project. I´m wondering if anyone has thoughts on lime mortar v.s. cement.