Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring springing

Just some shots from the park where I walk my imaginary dog most mornings. The rains have turned warm and spring is definitely on the way.

Grass is greening.

An abandoned chapel (or something) in the Civil Cemetery.

Very wet going in the park.

Some trees blooming. I don´t know what they are, no fruit, so I´ll call them redbuds.

I´m a little surprised that birches do so well in Madrid. And just read you can tap birches for syrup like maples.

The great wall of the Almudena Cemetery.

I like this skylight - wonder if one could be put on a chicken coop.

Galicia isn´t the only place where things turn green!


  1. They are not birches , they are Populus Bolleana from Afganistan,very hardy and adapted to harsh conditions and draught. That´s why they are panted in Madrid. I love birches but they do not like Madrid climate conditions

  2. I really like your stone house and how you are renovating it!