Monday, January 14, 2013

Ethical Banking

Why does that sound like an oxymoron?  Spanish National TV ran an interesting documentary during the holidays on the increasing popularity of ´Ethical¨ banking:
. . .Triodos Bank, FIARE-Banca Etica or Coop57 are an alternative to conventional banks for those people and organizations who are looking for a responsible use for their money in line with their own values.  According to data from the Observatory of Ethical Finances, in 2011 there were 575 million euros in deposits and some 600 million in loans.  The financial models offered within the range of institutions called ethical banking have different origins and goals but coincide in fundamental aspects:  instead of speculation, they promote the real economy in a more immediate setting, they practice transparency by publishing all their investments, and orient their operations toward social and economic benefits.¨
These organizations are not without their own critics, but it was an interesting introduction to an interesting social phenomenon.  In Spanish.

I can only assume this was produced before the PPers staged their purge of RTVE or their cronies in the banking system would have quashed it.

For more info:

Triodos Bank

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