Saturday, December 1, 2012

House update

A progress report from two trips up to the ruin in the last few weeks.

October was consistently rainy.  Not much got done.  We went up and found a huge hole in the west facade for the main door and a couple of windows.  Not only that, but someone has purchased the abandoned property just to the east, and they´d started by cutting down all the vegetation separating their small yard from the ruin.  Yikes, neighbors.

  And they disposed of the plant material in the traditional way - piled it up and burnt it.

So the house looked like Beirut.

In short, we were depressed.

But then we went up this week with a load of solid oak flooring we found online.  And the hole was fixed and the perimeter walls mostly done.  So now it´s looking more like a house, and less like a ruin.




And now we´re hopeful again.  Just need to get the interior wall elevations done and a roof on before winter settles in.



  1. Sorry to hear that progress has been so slow, but that is Spain for you. So very sorry to hear that you will have visible neighbours, can you plant a fast growing mini forest, maybe eucalyptus, they can be pollared for burning wood as long as you season the logs.

  2. Last year it didn´t rain between November and February - this year it hasn´t stopped.

    I´m thinking about a green barrier, maybe grapes, espaliered fruit trees, big roses, etc. I wonder how close I can plant to a low, drystack stone wall.