Friday, December 28, 2012


I don´t mind exposed pipes at all.  Perhaps it appeals to the steampunk in me.

V really wants one of these rainhead showers.



 The Victorians chromed and polished their plumbing as a point of pride.

I don´t care so much about the shine, as I have an abiding appreciation for patina, but exposed pipes and conduits aren´t something I care about hiding, unless there is some compelling insulating or other factor to consider.

I think it´s an interesting ¨industrial¨ touch in contrast to the rustic materials we like.

Source: via Tsu on Pinterest


  1. I just love the simplicity of some of these examples in the photographs. It has really got me thinking, especially about what I might implement in our outdoor space.

  2. I´m really hoping we can set up a ¨lavadoiro¨ washing station and an outdoor shower outside in the garden somewhere too.

    And if I had a way of bringing stuff over, I´d be obsessively watching the Ebay architectural antiques section for the rustic fixtures we like. :)