Friday, October 5, 2012

Pazo de Oca (Part 1)

A pazo is a Galician Manor house. I finally managed to talk V into a visit to the Pazo de Oca, where there are gardens to tour. For 4€ you can scramble around and see how the other half lived for centuries. It seems the Earl of Camina, Pedro Alvarez de Sotomayor (better known by his nickname, Pedro madruga) had the property taken away from him after supporting Juana (La Beltraneja) against the claim of Isabella (yep - the one who eventually married Fernando) with predictable results. It eventually fell into the hands of Phillip II, who sold it and so on until the Duchess of Medina finally established the Fundación Casa Ducal Medinaceli dedicated to its preservation.
Some shots from a delightful, rainy August afternoon.

The chapel, to one side of the house

The coat of arms, with royal crown, in a fountain

Miles of paths, hedges, and arbors

Beautiful combinations of stone and water

And other details

To be continued. . .

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