Saturday, October 20, 2012

Baldosa Hidráulica

Rain is delaying much progress on the ruin, so we continue to plan.

V has recently been struck by a type of flooring called baldosas hidraulicas, which looks similar to encaustic tile, but is made from colored compressed cement.  The pigment goes all the way through, which makes it durable, and they´re traditionally polished with a wax.

They are occasionally available recovered from demolition, and there are a couple of places which still make them in an endless variety of patterns. 

For a kitchen or bath, I can see them as a beautiful, practical option.  I worry about them being cold in a Galician climate.  I also worry about committing to a pattern.  It would be a little like choosing a tattoo - difficult to change your mind later. As Tim Gunn would say - it´s a whole lotta look.

I´m not sure I wouldn´t prefer plain slate for the long term or maybe a nice, off-white, octagonal mosaic.


  1. I love these. My previous house used to have them. But you're right, they're bloody cold, and once you have them, that kind of dictates your colour scheme for the rest of your life unless you pull them up again.
    One tip I learnt from some bio/renovator friends - mix ground cork into the underfloor cement/concrete before laying your floor tiles - it provides insulation and the floor isn't quite so cold.