Thursday, September 20, 2012

Plywood flooring

Always interested in economical ways of getting the house habitable.  We would prefer wide plank wood flooring at least in the living and bedrooms.  The problem is the expense and the prevalence of laminated flooring.  Real wood flooring, that could be sanded and refinished after a period of years, is very expensive and difficult to even find.  So, for in the meantime, I ran across a couple of sources who´ve used plywood.

At Frugal Farmhouse Design, 1/4¨ plywood was cut down, painted/varnished and then glued/nailed over an existing subfloor.

It´s a traditional colonial/New England look that works well in this space, and seems to hold up well.  Painted floors offer a range of interesting effects.

This woman in Canada got good results stenciling 4 x 4 sheets of Baltic Birch 1/2¨ plywood.

For a more modern look, these people took the ply up the wall and built a couple of bedside tables.  I´m skeptical of their decision to put down the plywood over the carpeting.

Another good looking result at Quarry Orchard.

And, if and when we had the money and materials to upgrade, the ply planks serve as a subfloor.


  1. Annie Sloan Ltd.
    You might find this interesting, lots of great ideas from furniture to floors.
    We did look at having Chestnut floors for the bedrooms but it was price prohibitive, we kept our eyes open and ended up with 25m thick T&G pine boards from Aki in Lugo, we lightly sanded them, then used chestnut wood stain, then two coats of Diamond finish, again lightly sanding between coats. It looked very good and wore well.Have you been to the wood yard 'Besteiro' in Lugo, worth checking out both for good quality ply and floor boards.

  2. Thank you - we´ll be sure and go there!

    It´s frustrating when Ebay in the UK is full of interesting architectural elements (including flooring) and it´s so difficult to find here.

    We´re a little concerned that pine floors will be too soft to hold up to the abuse we´re sure to inflict. But I would really love wide planks.

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