Monday, July 16, 2012


We have a water connection.

There´s a well on the other side of the barn, but we´ll make do with city water until we´re up there.

I think we´re going to need some goats. 

Some of the weeds are taller than I am.

Fat, happy goats.


  1. Water connection? Awesome!!! Goats? I am envious!!!!! Can I come and help milk them??? xo Jen

  2. Well that's one step forward. I see foxgloves in your photos, these are poisonous to goats although I'm not sure how badly they would be affected, but they are deadly to poultry!

  3. Jenn - I´ll be in touch! There actually is a place down the road that has goats. Yes, I´ve been on the lookout. :)

    Those same purple foxgloves were ALL OVER. Bumper crop this year. I wondered if they were toxic and looked at a couple of lists online, but didn´t see them. Thanks for the warning. A fine crop of that vipers bugloss too - but it was so covered with bees, I didn´t have the heart to pull any up. Literally buzzing.

  4. Oh dear! Vipers bugloss used to be the bane of my life, it can and will do a total take over, our goats, geese and hens would not eat it, when I first saw it I actually transplanted some into the flower garden I thought it so pretty, I quickly realised I'd made a mistake.