Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ortigueira Celtic Festival 2012

The 2012 Ortgueira Celtic Music Festival schedule is out.

Thursday 12 July

Proxecto Runas 2012
Avelaíña (Galicia)
Rastrexos project (Galicia)
Alén de Ancos (Galicia)
Harmonica Creams (Japan)

Friday 13 July
Bagad Glazik Kemper (Brittany)
Stolen Notes (Andalucía)
Escola de gaitas de Ortigueira
Blazin' fiddles (Scotland)
Jamie Smith's Mabon (Wales)

Saturday 14 July
Oban Pipe band (Scotland)
Crema de gaita (Galicia)
The Rua Macmillan band (Scotland)
Electric ceili (Ireland)

After some looking around on YouTube, I found some examples:


Bagad Glazik Kemper

Blazin´ Fiddles

Electric Céili


  1. Well this is some kind of record, normally it is impossible to find out who's on until a couple of days beforehand, are they suddenly becoming efficient?

  2. With all the budget cuts, maybe they have additional incentive to sell more tickets. Or maybe, their choices for bands were more limited.