Saturday, April 21, 2012


The fabulous Sharon included this French Blog about a couple renovating a barn in Dordogne. I read it straightaway from the beginning with the help of Google Translate - just plug the web address in, select the language pair, and it will spit out something readable.

Wow, is that project expensive. But so unbelievably gorgeous, the beams are stunning. The work on repointing the stone is amazing.

And I am so ordering one of the Point Master mortar-gizmos.

And I found another intriguing blog - this time through the lovely Dawn. Visit Galicia is the product of a UK couple renovating a place close to the border with Asturias. They´re planning a rural hotel with several outbuildings, but first are focused on the barn/house where they will live. Look at the beautiful results.


They are now in planning limbo (my sympathies), waiting to start the next phase but off to a great start. Paul´s observations of Galician food and living are worthwhile as well. I´m so encouraged by the results of his local team and their hard work.

Rumor has it that the Augas de Galicia people have made their site visit to the ruin and their report is now wending its way through the entrails of the bureaucracy for approvals. We´ll see.


  1. Looking forward to reading (one day) about your own renovation project...(fingers crossed).

  2. Thanks. We have everything crossed too!