Monday, April 9, 2012


This is gorgeous.

also here and source Susan Rosenberg

Kulning is a musical form of livestock calling from Scandinavia.

The song has a high-pitched vocal technique, i.e. a loud call using head tones, so that it can be heard or be used to communicate over long distances. It has a fascinating and haunting tone, often conveying a feeling of sadness, in large part because the lokks often include typical half-tones and quarter-tones (also known as "blue tones") found in the music of the region.

The kulokks can belong to an individual, but are sometimes family-based and are handed down so that a family's cows know they are being called and thus respond. A number of calls contain names of individual (sometimes the "lead") animals, as herds are not very large.

Another with Susanne Rosenberg herself live and in a pretty place.

Thanks to the blog To Sing with Goats for introducing this to me.

Maybe it´s Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd or the dark crime/noir films and novels coming out lately but Scandanavia is starting to really intrigue me.


  1. Beautiful Coco, thanks for sharing, I have shared your post on Facebook and Twitter as I am sure more people would find it fascinating.

  2. Can´t you just imagine something like this echoing through the Picos de Europa?

  3. You're welcome. :) Kulning is a very addicting style of expression, and so fun to do once the technique is learned.