Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Not your Grandmother´s clogs

Wooden clogs or zuecos in Castellano and zocas in Gallego, have been the traditional farm wear choice for often muddy farmyards.

But lately, designers and the artesans who create this traditional footware have been re-imagining them. Images from an exposition called Zocas Novas.

And because there´s no place like home. . .


  1. I'm a wearer of clogs - have an old pair I wear everyday. Leather Naots over a decade old, falling apart - In a fairytale I love there is an old woman who wears such a pair of clogs as the top pair - I now have a clearer mental image of those old wooden clogs - thank you for it.

  2. I just returned from Galiza, the land of my grandparents. I wanted to buy a pair of good old-style zocas while I was there, but didn't have the time to look for them. Back in California, where I live, all I can seem to find is plastic or rubber bottom clogs. Does anybody know where I can purchase traditional zocas galegas just like the ones that appear among your photos (at top)?