Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More Beer

This will be uncannily like another post I did before - Beer.

Finally got around to making up a basic (mostly add water and stir) beer kit we purchased before Christmas at Cervezas del Mundo. Unfortunately, I have to report that this is the second time we´ve had to wait a while before the requested merchandize was available, and then wait another while for them to actually ship it. And this from a suburb of Madrid - you could drive there in about 20 minutes. I don´t believe they have a retail outlet, or that´s exactly what I´d do


Heating the malt extract


Cooling and more Stirring


Unfortunately, no bubbling yet. I think the bedroom closet may be a little cool - but we will be patient.

AND we´ve got a sack of Bavarian Pilsner for another 23 litres!

More Spanish Beer Making:

Origen - articulo


  1. Hm...

    So, this is on my 101 Things list, and I actually registered for not one but TWO beer-making kits for my wedding, and people got both for us, but I've not yet had a free day to actually make the beer.


  2. Clear a 2 or 3 hour stretch in your schedule and make sure you have a giant pot that holds the right number of gallons, etc. It´s a process (cleaning, cleaning, cleaning)but it´s fun!

  3. I see from the box that it´s 4 - 4.3 alcohol, which doesn´t seem excessive to me (but then I´m a lush).