Sunday, September 11, 2011


One of the side trips we made in August was to a little town called Sargadelos in Lugo. It is famous for a porcelain factory founded in the 18th century, but we went after purchasing a places-you-must-see-in-Galicia book with the ¨Camino de los enamorados¨ or Lover´s Path.

It´s located at the site of the old factory. There´s a small museum on the grounds, along side the Pazo, and the ruins of the old factory and workers quarters.

There was a big sign advertising horseback rides, but we settled for walking the short path.

It follows a stream, with stunning old trees.

And at the end you are rewarded by a small reservoir and water fall.

Sargadelos porcelain has a new factory a little way down the road and is quite famous. But I admit I prefer the older pieces,

the new product line isn´t my cup of tea, as it were, but it is very popular and widely available.


  1. Hi Coco,

    This place looks really nice, which book of places to see in Galicia have you got. We have a bad record for hearing about somewhere interesting and then not being able to find it.

    Also how did you grow your sweet potatoes

  2. Hi Dawn,

    It was beautiful, but very small. Not a final destination for a long drive, if you see what I mean. And I know what you mean about finding things, we headed for the Fragas del Eume and somehow never ¨found¨ it either, using both maps and GPS. The book is ¨Tesoros Rurales - Galicia¨ and has 137 sites to see in all 3 provinces. It is in Spanish and comes with a map.

    The sweet potato had sprouted, hidden behind the microwave, so I cut it in sections and planted them in the containers. No idea what I´m going to do with them now. I´ll have to see when you´re supposed to dig them. But the foliage has been so pretty, I don´t even care if they´re edible.