Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Garden update

My fantasies of living the good life surrounded by succulent organic, heritage tomatoes have been brutally dashed. Utter failure. Not a single fruit and now the poor things are at death´s door. They took forever to get going, finally flowered in July and since then - nothing. I don´t recall seeing any of last year´s pollenators this summer. Now some kind of blight has them all but dead.

The sweet potatoes have at least produced bountiful foliage. I´m not actually expecting to harvest anything - the lush greenery all summer was worth shoving them into 2 big containers.

The only marginal success has been the herbs, basil, sage and some odd nasturtiums. Even those haven´t really taken off. Again, they just sat there for most of June and July. I´m going to try to keep them alive this winter on the windowsill.

This is all quite discouraging. One certainly can´t complain about the climate in Madrid - lots of sun. Very few pests. We water regularly.

Oh well, I´m off to the neighborhood frutería to buy some tomatoes and make sauce.


  1. Yeah, but the heat? It killed me, and I don't hink plants thrive on it very much, either. Misting might make a difference (if you have the time/patience).

  2. That´s true, and there´s a lot of brick surrounding the terrace. But even the lemon tree and the geraniums sulk - aren´t they supposed to thrive in Andalucía?